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Proper Use of the OTC® Credential

The  OTC® is a Registered Trademark of the National Board for Certification of Orthopaedic Technologists, Inc.  By means of passing the Certification Examination or re-certifying by Continuing Education (CEUs), you have been given permission to use the designation OTC®.  Pursuant to Federal Trademark Regulations, if you choose to use this mark on business cards, stationary, etc. you must use it in the following format:

Jane Doe

Orthopaedic Technologist Certified




Photo ID Compliance Policy

As of January 1, 2012 all active NBCOT Credential holders must submit prior to their re-certification lapse date two (2) professional style passport photo's no larger than 2"x 2".  The photo form will be a part of all NBCOT Examination applications. The Photo ID form will be sent to all currently non-compliant credential holders, via US Mail and within any correspondence between the credential holder and the NBCOT, i.e. reports, receipts, etc.

Any credential holder that fails to submit two (2) professional passport type photos, will have their certification record marked as "non-compliant".  If the credential holder submits the necessary CEUs for re-certification and still fails to submit the necessary photos, that credential holders certification record will be marked "Incomplete". No verification will be made on behalf of the credential holder until ID Compliance is complete.

Photos' can be taken at several locations such as CVS, WalMart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc.

Photo's submitted on anything except photo paper will not be accepted.

The current Photo ID Form can be downloaded in the download and links section of this page.

Replacement Photo ID Form

In the event you would like a new Certification ID Card, please compete the form found within the Links & Download section on the bottom of this page.

If your Certification ID Card has been stolen or you have lost it, please complete the "Report Lost or Stolen Credential" Form found in the Links & Download Section of this page.

Paper Certificates

The NBCOT no longer provides paper certificates with your certification.  If you would like to have a paper certificate you can order one by downloading and completing the "Paper Certificate Order Form" and submitting the completed form with the appropriate fees to the NBCOT Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the NBCOT sell or "rent" my personal information to outside vendors?

Answer: The NBCOT does not "sell" or "rent" the Master Database of Credential Holders to any organization or vendor.  The NBCOT has three (3) Privacy Options in place that allow you to choose how your record is handled.  Specific information regarding the Privacy Policy Options, along with the Opt-In, Opt-Out form can be found on this page.  The option that you choose may be updated by you at any time directly online.  The option you choose does not negate the fact that your record of certification is a matter of public record and may be reported to verify your credential to any employer, credential verification entity or to answer or comply with a Legal inquiry as required by law.

Update My Information

Name Changes Must Be Made On the Name Change Form At Bottom Of Page

Information updated submitted to NAOT or any other entity will NOT update your Certification Record

It is your responsibility to keep your certification record current and up to date in order to allow verification of your credentials to any HR department or verification source.  The NBCOT will not be liable for any delay in the verification process due to your personal information not being current. 


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Opt In / Opt Out Policy Change Form

Change your Choices Here

Explanation of Privacy Policy

Opt In: You agree to allow the NBCOT to release to NBCOT Partnership Sponsors, NAOT, NAOT State Associations and thrid party Orthopaedic/Surgical Companies.

Opt Out:  You do not want the NBCOT to release your contact information to any third party.

NAOT Only:  By choosing this option, you give the NBCOT permission to release your contact information to NAOT and NAOT State Associations ONLY.


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NBCOT Annual Reports To The profession

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